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Service Regulations
Dear Haiyu corporate clients:
First of all thank you to the company’s long-standing reputation for sea-trust and support! In order to standardize service management, especially to your service management regulations communicated to the Company as follows:
1, the company sells HY-S / electric type, HY-M / Mechanical manual type tubular motor series from August 2009 onwards routine warranty period fixed for five years, HY-E / electronic limit it stops type, HY-C / built-in receiver type HY-L / clutch electric type HY-DC / DC electric tubular motor series beginning from 2013 3-year warranty, HY remote control series and reserve power (UPS) year warranty.
2, where the product warranty period, not free maintenance. Specifically at September 20, 2012 Company to execute the information content of each customer. Perform maintenance fees.
3, During the warranty period Where are the company’s product quality issues, will be implemented warranty, (but not distribution of any installation accessories), after repair products continue to perform a continuation of the original product warranty period. Continued validity encoding YXQ (valid abbreviation) at the beginning. Validity of the calculation method: the maintenance of the motor as 2010080850S3333 new code after maintenance is YXQ2015080850M. (8 digits before coding is year, month, day)
4, ask the customer to follow the installation instructions and standards, right in the warranty period due to customer non-standard installation of the motor, the motor company to repair exchange and charge maintenance fees. Charging standard reference (Service Fees)
The following breakdown is caused by non-standard operations:
(A) motor stroke sets of teeth punctured; (drill bit or make a short stop)
(2) electrical steel cut or severed; (slat screws too long)
(3) hit the motor head or fall flat motor outer tube; (motor two and knock the outer tube is not allowed to drop)
(4) wires pulled off or cut; (shorter than 15CM less)
(5) a heavy load; (to the motor burned out).
(6) disassemble; (so that the motor is not complete).
(7) Motor severe water; (such as natural disasters and irresistible)
5, in order to ensure your complete and correct quantity of returned products:
(A) Please provide details on the package returned inscribed delivery number, quantity, type, unit shipments contacts and the reputation the company name of the consignee. This list will be returned promptly faxed to the sea, LLC in order to check. The Company has not received return for a list of fax, such as loss of goods the company responsible. 24 hours fax 0574-86563666.
(2) When returning the product packaging must be solid and firmly to prevent loss, (accessories not to return in case of loss)
Within two weeks of receipt of the Company by the full-time staff responsible for checking with you paid amount. And motor failure analysis. (See e-mail).
(3) return the motor freight borne by you, the Company is responsible for returning the motor when the packaging and shipping. Refusal by the Company to pay the freight. (As judged refund 100% of the motor is our quality time for your return motor freight by the company responsible for return)
(4) Non-our products, please do not return to my company, if the company is not responsible for returned back.
(5) Since the product installation style update, rework the motor according to the company’s current production models return with special needs to contact our service department.
6, the remote control returns must ensure complete product integrity. Missing Accessories section at (service charges) charges. Transmitter alone will not repair.
7, the above service regulations, we hope to get your understanding and support! These Regulations January 1, 2013 has been implemented!
8, the Company reserves the final interpretation.
Service Department 0574-86563666

Ningbo Hai Yu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

December 1, 2012

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